Photo by Nick Gomez



Color + Thunder is made up of songwriting duo Greer Ashton and Zach Beachum. They met as teenagers in Atlanta and quickly fell in love. What followed was a six year long romance, multiple arrests, mental institutions, and two moves across the country. Predictably, that relationship eventually came to a fiery end soon after they relocated to LA. The songs they wrote together became a way for them to work through their personal differences and carry on as creative partners. 

Color + Thunder's music continues to be influenced by their relationship and the desire to express all aspects of the human experience. They see their music as a form of connection to themselves, each other, and anyone who listens to their songs. Their music is weird progressive rock meets magical art pop.

Their first EP, L.A.T.L., was self-released in 2015. Their second EP, The Manhattan, was released in April 2016.

C+T now releases music as part of a “capsule” instead of an LP or EP format. Each capsule contains 3-4 songs (released as singles) and is themed around a human emotion.